Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 end of year wrap up

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With 2 days left in 2012 I am enjoying the last days.   I am attempting to clear my needles and wips knitting wise.  I just might be able to.  It was  banner year knit wise with over 25k yards. Wow.  Most of that was due to to big ugly blankets and the february mad dash on ravelry.   Not sure I will ever knit that much in a year again. My stash yardage is down considerably and I finally am to the point where I will have to buy yarn for some projects.  Imagine that.  

I am going to use 2013 to finish my cold sheeping but at the same time try some new things.  I plan to try asa trciosa design. I would like to make a pair of gloves and I am enjoying my new cricket.   I have the second scarf warped in as many days.  All this said, 2013 will bring many changes as DD graduates HS and starts college.   Big times!.  Find myself reminiscing alot of those younger days...
Have a happy new year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

cold sheep update; process vs project?

Update: I have now knit over 20k yards and if I finish all my wip before year end I suspect the number will reach 24k.   AStounding!.   Much thanks goes to the stash down group on ravelry and their various challenges etc. In looking at my remaining stash and the early 2013 I truly can see the light at the of tunnel.   Heck I even today lowered some trade yarn prices; I just want to move it and move on.  
But to what?   I am thinking hard about what I want to knit.   I dont need socks , sweaters shawls., even though I like to knit them all.. So so I knit for the process or the project? My niece is having a baby in April  and it might be nice to knit some things for him.   It's been awhile.  ( a little part of me says maybe I dont even want to knit as much?)

I have been queuing some items for 2013 on r avelry .   I am going to pare it down to 6 things which I hope will include items I have never done before, like
  • stranded socks   fireweeds
  • maybe illusion knitting a baby blanket
  • an epic lace blanket/shawl
  • online class
  • lace weight top down cardigan
  • gloves or flip top mittens
  • jane thornely free form project

I have committed to cold sheep through DD graduate June 14 2013; wish me luck