Thursday, February 24, 2011

We are nearing the end of february which always feels short to me but then March follows and it seems long. As a tax preparer these are usually stressful months. I enjoy getting emails with new spring and summer yarns and use it to take a break.

I did pretty well with my Feb knit goals: I reknit the taiyo yarn into a shrug, I finished 2 pairs of socks ( one toe up and one regular), and am on the sleeves on MYA cardigan. I am concerned that I made the wrong size. I choose to make the extra small knowing that I am not really an extra small any longer but feared that since I tend to knit loosely it would be too big. Not sure if this yarn will stretch a little once wearing or not. It is Araucania Azapa. I really dont want to rip the front and back and reknit but maybe I should; that would be depressing but not as bad as a sweater I will never be able to wear. I am half done with t he first sleeve and may switch to one size up needle after done all increases , from a 10-10.5 might do the trick then go back to 10 for armhole segment.

We are in for some heavy wind and rain in the next 2 days so it looks like some movies and knitting are in order for nightime.

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