Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March musings

Well almost halfway through MArch, and one month of tax season to go. I finished sewing the mya cardigan on Sunday but havent tried it on yet. It is pretty heavy so I really wont wear it much yet this year. It looks lovely and some nice buttons will finish it off I hope. If easter were early I could wear it as an easter sweater!

I have been hearing many geese flying north as well as the sound of birds so I know spring cant be too far behind. With that will come grass cutting and outside work. while I love to look at a well cared for yard and garden I dont seem to have much patience for it myself. I saw they began work on our community outside pool which is always a welcome sign of spring .

My daughter has the state swim championships this weekend and I hear the weather is to be warm. I will need to pull out a new project , most likely socks. I have a skein of Claudia sport but fear it may not even be enough for a pair of anklets. I have found a pattern9after spending 2 hours on ravelry), ruffled lace anklets from interweave but I dread the idea of getting to the toe on 2nd sock and run out of yarn. I will do a gauge swatch and see how many stitches and go from there.

I read good news that my daughter's swim coach had great news re his leukemia. latest bone marrow biopsy came back all clear of leukemia blasts. This is so wonderful; coach is very young ,27, and has been battling this for 4 years. All the while, he has never complained publicly . I hope his recovery continues on the positive note!

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