Monday, April 11, 2011

April Afterthoughts

I just finished participating in Ravelry's stash down group 2011 virtual retreat. I t was a fantastic experience, all for the price of nothing , and knitting from my stash as well. The retreat began Thursday and the theory was each person did what they could. You fillled a basket with projects albeit wip or skeins of yet started yarn. And worked from the basket as much you could over the weekend/ Many of us did have obligations during the day whether it was work or family stuff but in my case I dedicated the hours of 5-11 for knitting.
I only had 4 projects in the basket , 2 of which only required buttons but this was just the motivation I needed to completely finish the project. I had one wip project and one start to finish prject, a scarf from a kit. SO I was delighted when I finsihed my basket early on Sunday morning. At that point I continued to photo and enter my stash and found a purse that I could start and did. It was fun experience throughout the weekend watching other knitters report their progress throgh words and pics. I t was both encouraging and inspiring. I think it would be fair to say that all involved enoyjed the weekend and would like to see it happen again. There were knitters from Australia, germany, Uk, Canada and? It was fun to see yarn brands not available to us here in the states( less to covet).
As I was frinishing up the weekend I did come across antoher thread in the stash dwn group for a stash dash challenge. I am inspired to particpate as this will carry me through to the next virtual retreat. I would encourage anyone out htough struggling through wip and stash to check this out.

In the coming blogs I want to share my thoughts on knitting projects that I have loved, the idea of knitting in the moment, and why we have stashes.

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