Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de france knit along: Choices

Just a few days before the start of the 2011 Tour de France(TDF) I found a Ravelry group dedicated to knitters and tour watchers. I joined in and immediately began thinking which category competition I might enter, yellow, green white, polka dot or domestique.While 3 of 4 projects I have planned in my July August Dead heat basket could fall in one of these categories, in the end I decided to stick with my pre TDFKAL group project and call myself a domestique(takes the pressure ff too). It was periwinkle by Louisa Harding. It has been a pattern I saw many( 5+ years ago) and even bought the button for it. Alas though Louisa harding yarns are not plentiful in the states so as part of my cold sheeping I decided I could put together some yarns that would work.

The concept behind this LH design is a tried and true feather and fan stole approximately 8 inches by 40 long.The yarns are 4 different weights of ribbon ranging from bulky to dk weight. WIth a stash of 150 plus yarns I thought pulling together 4 yarns like this would be simple. In the end I did not have 4 different ribbon weight yarns and decided to go outside the concept of all ribbons. and use yarns I like. I pulled 6 different yarns, 1 dk, 2 worsted , 3 bulky. My color choices are not monochromatic either. I picked 2 yarns as my focus yarns and built around that.

So I did a trial start last nite and realized that with more bulky weight yarn the FF would not show so I moved up to a sz 13 needles as well as condensed the pattern to 24 plus 4 border stitches.

I am curious to see how this works out. IF I am going for the look in the pattern picture I may be disappointed. If I am trying to be creative with yarn I have , it may work. So the Tour has begun and so will I…

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