Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad dash recap

Well march 31 came and went and the mad dash was a huge success both personally and as a a group. As a group we are up to 191k yards with a few solo dasher to still report in. IN the end, thank s to making 4 kitty beds, and using double triple and quad stranding, I was able to knit 4325 yds. In the 2 kitty beds I used up some mohair and lots of novelty yarn that otherwise would have sat in the stash for even longer. The kitties are happy with their new beds.

My other focus was on feltable projects. I can now close the lid on my plastic container holding my wool I used some patterns in my libray for awhile and did several moebius rims. I mades some more kitty beds, some slippers, and a yarn basket. All projects still need to be felted , but the yarn is usd up. Yea.

Would I do t his again, definately yes. It was short enough and I had a project queue that kept me focused. with learning the moebius techniues I felt like I was still progressing as a knitter and not just knitting.,It was fun to be part of the group and once again ravelry proved invaluable

YTD yards is about 8500, which is amazing for me.. Again a stranded blanket in january and the mad dash stranding help.
I am hoping to flash the stash this weekend. I expect to see major difference from last year;we shall see. My next focus, the mystery yarn 2012 challenge.

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