Friday, October 19, 2012

Cold sheeping

I have been "cold Sheeping" officially since I began on ravelry sometime in mid 2010.   My days of yarn binge buying had ended long before that but I still found myself with a lot of yarn, most of it stuff from when my daughter was young; she is now 18.   I think I had over 30k yards although I never really tallied at the time.  Much of it is novelty , single skein stuff. Most is lovely;y I have  worked hard to find it worked into projects.  With 18k+ yds knitted this year I would say I have succeeded. I am  hoping to graduate from cold sheeping sometime in 2013

Now its late October 2012 and I find myself having knit more yards this year than what remains in my stash, at least by whats listed in my stash on ravelry.  I have some scraps not listed and probably the errant skein or two but for the most part I am close to the point where I can truly think about buying yarn. 

  SO I am finding its harder than I thought.   I naturally overthink most purchases, although typically not yarn.  I am hoping that at this stage of my cold sheeping and of my life that my purchases and knitting will be more purposeful.  ie knitting what truly inspires me either for the actual FO or the process itself..   I have way too many projects done that just sit with no use.

I am hoping to participate in the 2012 advent scarf kal for the second year in a row.   I have daydreamed of ordering some artyarns cashmere 1 lace yarn in a delicious purple.   I am willing to splurge the $100.  But I find this little voice saying but you do have 2 lace skins in your stash that would look lovely.   Now I am becoming too practical.   I think I will compromise and knit up the scarf using my present stash and then should I make a second scarf, as I did in 2011, order the artyarns.

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