Monday, March 21, 2011

More March musings

Well, it's Monday and we just got back from 3 days at my 16 year old daughters state swim meet championship. Meets are always a whirlwind and this one was no exception. When I got home I had a long awaited package from a fellow knitter in England that we had arranged swap. I gave her yarn that I no longer wished to use and she gave me finshed items from her etsy store with same or similar yarn. Wow was I so excited to get the packages. Not only were the items packaged so lovely but the items are gorgeous. They are boas/ scarfs whatever you want to term them but they are gorgoeus. Very glitzy. My photography does not do them justice. The trek across the ocean may have taken 6 weeks but it was worth it. Thank you Julia

I have been knitting for probably 40 plus years and I cant remember when someone bought me or gave something actually related to my hobby. I request, drop hints but most dont take the time to follow through(including hubby, I understand) ) I have given many items away but have always wondered and more recently felt that in general most people do not apppreciate and sometimes do not want handmade items .some that require special care etc. . SO I tend to not waste my time making gifts for family members unless they have asked for something. So getting the boas was for me in many ways a gift ; one very appreciated .

I did get one anklet started at the swim meet. I must have researched ravelry for hours trying to find something which would use one skein of claudia sport yarn @225 yds. In the end I devised my own pattern, which is totally new to me. I have been knitting socks for some 6 year so really it should not be that bad. So far I am pleased and have listed them on ravelry as sock #5 of 2011. I call them my celery and tomato anklets as the colorways is very springlike . I have started the 2nd and we will see hopefully that I dont run out of yarn. If this works I will write up instructions and post. And quick make a 2nd pair because I have one more 225 yd skein in my stash.

I have been doing good, if that is what you call it, about buying yarn. Low cash flow will certainly do that for you. Plus I recognize at my age that I do have some very lovely stash yarn and might as well use it up. I know it doesnt help my LYS but I can still buy needles and books right.

I guess I should mention that my daughter did very well. She came home again a state champion which for state of PA is impressive as we are a tough state. She broke her own state record set last year in the 2IM, and broke the record in the 100 free as well . Unfortunatley there were 2 girls and .13 separating her and first place. It was an excellent race which was what she wanted.(will post video at some point) There is more swimming on the schedule this week but I must stay home and get some taxes done. The grass is starting to grow and my house is mess. But I really want to knit!.......

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  1. What a fabulous photo. I am so glad that you are happy with the boas.