Thursday, March 24, 2011

March SOck Madness

SO as I am working on sock #5 for my 2011 personal sock challenge , and I started to think of all the socks I made these past 6+ years of knitting socks, which ones have worn the best and or which do i like the best. First let me say I have always knit top down until this past Christmas when I ventured int o the toe up. It was ok but I am just not comfortable yet. I knit socks because it is somewhat mindless( I usually use a k3, p1 rib pattern mostly on sz2 DPN bamboo needles), they are portable, . and they always fit when I am done, and I wear nothing else on my feet at this point. I knit socks for my mom and my niece. I have a stash of sock yarn about 12 skeins most of which ar e high end handpaint such as cherry tree hill , lorna laces . I ALSO HAVE SEVERAL SKEINS OF SELF STRIPING YARNS.


So to begin, some of my first socks were done with a variety of the OPAL brand. The far left was zebra, and the far right was lady bug the middle 2 were self stipers. I use a siz2 needle, cast on of 60 stitches and follow the Yankee Knitter generic sock pattern. The skein yardage was plentiful. Most of these are 4 years old and even older. They have held up well, retained their color and shape , and no special washing. They feel nice. Initially the yarn was rough but after intial wash they were great. The purple skein had a not and since this was one of my first socks I did not handle it proeprly; I know better now. . I may have paid in the 10-20 range per skein at the time. I like this yarn and would defintley use it again...Even better if I can find it on sale. I may try the 6ply dk weight sock yarn.....

The middle and right sock were my first 2 socks made form Regia yarn. They are still goin strong and show no sign of heal thinning or color loss. I used the same k3p1rib sz 2 bamboo DPPN. I believe I used 2 skeins and each was around $7-8. While there are certainly more spectacular handpaint colors etc. These socks really cant be beat. It is a good yarn .
The left sock was a cotton wool sockyarn I believe by Sockotta that I used a k2p2 rib on a siz 1( I read somewhere that cotton socks should go down a size. I like these but have not warn them as much; I prefer the wool . The yarn seems to be non pill and the color o still vibrant. I dont know if I would buy much cotton sock yarn s once the weather gets warm ... And I still prefer wool for cold weather wear. But if you were looking for a cotton wool blend, I would recommend this.

The third batch of socks features yarns from Cherry tree hiLl. This usually retailed for 24-26 and the yardage was ample.; I found no knots The colors were nice. BUT. Usually within one washing the yarn began to fuzz or halo. There has been some loss of color. A pair made for mom wore through within the first season. This yarn always has a good feel as you are knitting but just doestn seem to hold up well. No one is looking at my fuzzy socks but since I paid more money I naturally expected them to wear better. I suspect its because they have no nylon in them and and the quality of the wool itself may be a factor. I will not buy any more of this brand.

The final 2 socks: The left is made from 2 skeins lorna laces in a free pattern . These are several years old and have washed and worn well. I loved the color and the feel. However, I have made a 2nd pairin the past year from this lorna laces in same pattern and hasve had halo and a hole develop where the yarn was thick and thin. I dont think these socks will last as long. I wonder if hte change in ownership has affected their quality....This yarn is pricey and i think a pair runs 25-30. I would have to think twice before using this yarn agian. I still have one coloraway in mystash so we will see.... The right sock was just finished this january using the toe up, my first. I used MAdelinetosh fingering which cost about $28, getting pretty pricey. I loved the color and the feel. But after the first washing I saw they began to get the halo or fuzz. I like the feel and love their colors but that is too much money..

SO in summary what have I discovered. While I love the colorways and the intial feel of the more expensive yarns I am not convinced that the quality is there to warrant the extra cost. I f I add to my stash I will look at Regia and Opal and perhaps stay with choices that have some nylon in them Pleaase forgive my photography sklils. I will work on this....

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