Friday, July 29, 2011

Progress on new project

I completed making the first 2 triangles. I ended up using a sz 8 needle. Now I am beginning to worry that I may run out of yarn. I have 400 yds each .

I opted to knit out from the center. Once I put the 2 triangles together at start of step 2 I knit 4 rows of each yarn then switch to other side. I did not break the yarns as instructed. It is very curious how this construction is setting up. Allmy LM line up so I must be on right track..

On the bad side I came upon a knot in the rayon yarn and shortly thereafter a frayed section. I will see how I can hide it but now worry about the "strength" of my finished project. It was such a long time ago that I wound this into balls I have no idea what is to come. The first knot I tried to do a type of braided join . The damaged section I may hide a knot edge. Rayon is a slippy bugger.

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