Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MIddle of the project= Boredom

Well I have been at this project about a week and am getting a little bored. It was exciting initially seeing the shape takes place but now I knit in pattern till basically piece measures finished length or about 54 in

Plus I am thinking that it is going to be too wide when blocked. I am a petite frame person ; a 20: in width hmm . I should have aimed for 14. Now seeing the pattern I know exactly how I could have changed the pattern.

As well I worry I will not have enough yarn left. I suppose I could weigh the balls after a " set " of 4 rows and calculate how much yarn used per # stitches ; then figure how many stitches in step 3 and weight needed at that point.

And finally I am thinking maybe needle size could have been one more larger for a more open weave. . I dont want this to be " heavy" feeling.

SO boring pattern at this point = too much time to think. SHould I keep knitting or rip out and start again

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