Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the black hole stage: danger zone

I have only been working on my current projects for roughly 10 days( I started Tamarah on last stage of TDF and my 2nd summer of sock pattern on July 21). I think its because its summer. its hot, and I finished too many projects during the TDF KAl(can’t wait to see my stash yards at aug 31)

Tamarah was interesting at first but as step 2 continued for 24 in each side… yawn, yawn So will do I think about as I knit 98 st back and forth in a 3 stitch pattern repeat for 54lnches? First, I yarn usage and if I would have enough( it looks like yes). Then I started to start think about how image to block this rayon cotton item( will blog next on that). Maybe that will get me through this blackhole stage of this project. Stephanie Pearl Mcphee describes it in her book Cast Off. You know, that stage, when you have knit for 5 hours and the project seems to measure the same as at beginning of day. I even have been fantasizing about buying some yarn , 1 skein only,..danger..danger

Maybe I need to think about a pretty shawl pin . Ok Thinking about Blocking and pins will get me through at least to step 3 when I begin decreases But no thinking of yarn purchases even if my birthday is comng up….

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