Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Addicted to lace

Well I finished the marathon of scarves the 2011 advent calendar scarf KAL. I finished on Dec 28, blocked and ready to wear. Not too bad. It was such a great project, start to finish . Not sure if it was the project itself or knitting it with so many from around the world that made the experience so memorable.

I broke my cold sheeping and ordered before Dec 31 6 skeins of lace yarn. I thought I would make another and possibly the 2010 version . Now there is another KAL in the Ravlery beginners lace group for an estonian scarf. I want to knit them all!, lol

Thanks Kristin for giving us all such a great gift!


  1. Addictive it sure can be...what a great problem to have :D Congratulation on the great finish. Where is the modeled picture? Do share. Happy 2012! I so look forward to seeing where your journey may take you :D

  2. Thanks handstitch; I wore if for the first time just Thursday. I felt silly getting family member to photo so next time I wear I will use the mirror trick. My next one will be narrower.