Sunday, December 11, 2011

Know when to say enough

Well I am presently on Day 11 of the 24 days until Christmas advent scarf KAL; I am current. That statement , for those who are knitting along, means I have put in about 4 hours a day keeping up with the daily pattern releases.

The first week was great ; I felt no pressure and was getting done in time with time to spare. I generally downloaded the pattern at 430 EST the day before and knit the spacer section. Then the next am after many had posted errata or clarifications and pics I would knit the days pattern. It was working.

SOunds like a race , right. But then something happened. I began making mistakes I had to tink back . I had to reknit then tink back again I would look at a pattern and my mind would go to mush. I tried to get ahead by knitting some of the pattern still at nite.I tried saving paper and using my laptop to read the pattern. I n short I tried to get too much done. The voice kept saying ," must keep knitting ".

Today is the day I will let it go and go back to enjoying the KAL. If I dont keep up, fine, Their will be others with me too , Plenty to read in the chat threads and offering encouragement . Still plenty to learn..

Norwegian Happy Knitting God Strikking

Any one else willing to share their language version of HAppy knitting?

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  1. One of my friends said that it is not a race and that you are suppose to enjoy the process. With that said, my goal is to try and complete days 3 and 4 today and I woke up with a scratchy throat! Good luck and happy knitting!