Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I must be crazy

It's December and I signed on to knit the 24 days till Christmas mystery scarf KAL. December as in Holiday time, decorating, baking, shopping in addition to all other tasks real life entails. And yet, I find myself putting "things" aside so I can

  1. wait for the 430 local time posting of the next days pdf pattern.
  2. Printing, reading, checking the new day thread for potential errors
  3. I knit my spacer
  4. If I am really good I try to get some pf the pattern done
  5. I go to bed thinking about when I can put some knit time in the following day
  6. I get up and check for overnite speedsters who already finished. I check for potential errata
  7. I knit; I get the day done, Photograph and post to my project page and in the thread.
Then I start it all over again. I have kept up to date and so the pressure begins to build. Can I really get this done in 24 days.

here is hoping for a day with a an 8 row pattern, LOL

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