Sunday, December 4, 2011

The knitting Journey

SO many knitters
so many yarns
so little time!

I have managed to keep up to day but I think day 6 will be key as my family returns home and life goes"off vacation". ON day 1 I was slightly, , frustrated that pattern designer was not exactly specific on some terminology and said to myself,. Why cant she just add slip as if to purl or knit so we all know. But now I see almost the joy in not being specific.

1. It allows knitters from the globe to share their knowledge and insight and encouragement.
2. It also fosters a sense of creativity and independance in me the knitter, something taht affter 40 years of knitting I still dont have.

I made the decision to follow last year bead placement in the spacer after some suggestions and pics form others. I know I will be a better knitter after day 24, whenever that may be... Thanks Kristin!

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  1. Self discovery is the best gift/reward in knitting, creating things by hand. As much as I like to just follow a pattern, a recipe--the so-called mindless knit--my most satisfying, self-fulfilling moments are the ones I'm able to personalize, play, and be wild...It's so tempting to knit-along Kristin's wonderful mystery scarf...but, I need to stay focus on things I must do! I so look forward to seeing yours completely! Knit on :D