Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I have learned so far

Well, just completed day 8, 1/3 of the way done. I must say I and many others have come a long way in just 8 days. So what I have learned so far from the most elementary skill to ......

  1. It's good to slip the first stitch of every row in a scarf with a garter stich border; helps prevent curling
  2. slipping a stitch; wow this is a biggy. slip as if to purl if there is no decrease involved ie the first st of a row. Slip as if to knit when a decrease in involved SSK , . slipping purlwise does not change the direction of the "leg"
  3. yarnovers; from a knit to purl, bring yarn under and around then under needle to purl postion. From a purl to knit , lay yarn over knit and knit next stitch. Watch here as realizing you have more yarn involved the first YO the second.
  4. yarnovers on return row; hopefully the instructions will tell you. if not look at next right side row. If you want the stitch to blend in pattern then you should on return row do what will blend ie if next right side is a knit st then purl the YO.. All this aside if you want a different effect then blending then do not follow this
  5. learning to read charts left to right on right and right to left on wrong: pay attention some charts have even rows charted others dont. As well where even rows are charted most often they are in symbol terminoloiy of right side and your brain must reverse( if it were me I would use symbol we are suppose to actually do , KISS)
  6. Probably every stitch is written down somewhere and someone will be able to find a picture or video of it. If you are not interested in being the first one done, you might want to wait till the am...
  7. lifelines: I can now easily insert and know that I should.
  8. count: sometimes markers for pattern repeats work and othertimes they get in the way. On return rows it is helpful to count pattern repeat number. YOu will catch mistakes and may not have to tink back
  9. Do NOT knit when tired. Repeat DO NOT KNIT WHEN TIRED. Self explanatory
  10. knitters around the world are a great group. Will need a separate list just for that.
  11. AND finally but certainly not the last ... Be the boss of your own knitting. Dont want to do 2 repeats, fine do 1, or skip the day. This is to be fun!
Well I have 2plus hours till next day comes out so better get real life things done, lol Happy knitting!...... How do you say that in other languages


  1. I am keeping a file on the day to day Errata's. I am also keeping comments from my friend's knitting group that is in North Carolina. I copied and pasted this into the file as well! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Your remarks about the charts brought a huge smile on my face ;-) European knitters prefer a chart showing how it should look once knitted (they 'copy' a picture) and have a very tough time with written instructions...

  3. es that is another thing I learned, that europeans do prefer the charts as "seen from the right side" On the wrong side rows I sometimes found it easier to use the written instructions, . SO glad there were both!

  4. On the days I printed out I put the actual stitches on the chart so my brain wouldn't have to flip flop. After a number of patterns were knit I did find it easier to change it in my head. I'm ready to cast on the 2010 Advent scarf today, wheeee