Sunday, December 11, 2011

Know when to say enough

Well I am presently on Day 11 of the 24 days until Christmas advent scarf KAL; I am current. That statement , for those who are knitting along, means I have put in about 4 hours a day keeping up with the daily pattern releases.

The first week was great ; I felt no pressure and was getting done in time with time to spare. I generally downloaded the pattern at 430 EST the day before and knit the spacer section. Then the next am after many had posted errata or clarifications and pics I would knit the days pattern. It was working.

SOunds like a race , right. But then something happened. I began making mistakes I had to tink back . I had to reknit then tink back again I would look at a pattern and my mind would go to mush. I tried to get ahead by knitting some of the pattern still at nite.I tried saving paper and using my laptop to read the pattern. I n short I tried to get too much done. The voice kept saying ," must keep knitting ".

Today is the day I will let it go and go back to enjoying the KAL. If I dont keep up, fine, Their will be others with me too , Plenty to read in the chat threads and offering encouragement . Still plenty to learn..

Norwegian Happy Knitting God Strikking

Any one else willing to share their language version of HAppy knitting?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I have learned so far

Well, just completed day 8, 1/3 of the way done. I must say I and many others have come a long way in just 8 days. So what I have learned so far from the most elementary skill to ......

  1. It's good to slip the first stitch of every row in a scarf with a garter stich border; helps prevent curling
  2. slipping a stitch; wow this is a biggy. slip as if to purl if there is no decrease involved ie the first st of a row. Slip as if to knit when a decrease in involved SSK , . slipping purlwise does not change the direction of the "leg"
  3. yarnovers; from a knit to purl, bring yarn under and around then under needle to purl postion. From a purl to knit , lay yarn over knit and knit next stitch. Watch here as realizing you have more yarn involved the first YO the second.
  4. yarnovers on return row; hopefully the instructions will tell you. if not look at next right side row. If you want the stitch to blend in pattern then you should on return row do what will blend ie if next right side is a knit st then purl the YO.. All this aside if you want a different effect then blending then do not follow this
  5. learning to read charts left to right on right and right to left on wrong: pay attention some charts have even rows charted others dont. As well where even rows are charted most often they are in symbol terminoloiy of right side and your brain must reverse( if it were me I would use symbol we are suppose to actually do , KISS)
  6. Probably every stitch is written down somewhere and someone will be able to find a picture or video of it. If you are not interested in being the first one done, you might want to wait till the am...
  7. lifelines: I can now easily insert and know that I should.
  8. count: sometimes markers for pattern repeats work and othertimes they get in the way. On return rows it is helpful to count pattern repeat number. YOu will catch mistakes and may not have to tink back
  9. Do NOT knit when tired. Repeat DO NOT KNIT WHEN TIRED. Self explanatory
  10. knitters around the world are a great group. Will need a separate list just for that.
  11. AND finally but certainly not the last ... Be the boss of your own knitting. Dont want to do 2 repeats, fine do 1, or skip the day. This is to be fun!
Well I have 2plus hours till next day comes out so better get real life things done, lol Happy knitting!...... How do you say that in other languages

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I must be crazy

It's December and I signed on to knit the 24 days till Christmas mystery scarf KAL. December as in Holiday time, decorating, baking, shopping in addition to all other tasks real life entails. And yet, I find myself putting "things" aside so I can

  1. wait for the 430 local time posting of the next days pdf pattern.
  2. Printing, reading, checking the new day thread for potential errors
  3. I knit my spacer
  4. If I am really good I try to get some pf the pattern done
  5. I go to bed thinking about when I can put some knit time in the following day
  6. I get up and check for overnite speedsters who already finished. I check for potential errata
  7. I knit; I get the day done, Photograph and post to my project page and in the thread.
Then I start it all over again. I have kept up to date and so the pressure begins to build. Can I really get this done in 24 days.

here is hoping for a day with a an 8 row pattern, LOL

Monday, December 5, 2011


  1. I sit here at 430 est , done with day 5,.eagerly awaiting the Berlin time of 1030 for the day 6 pattern to upload I feel like i have been wrapped up in knitting this lovely lace scarf . What a wonderful journey so far. My husband and daughter have been out of town so I have enjoyed the solitude. I put up the CHristmas decorations and have spent my knitting time sitting by the sunny window listienng to Christmas music, some old some new. Its been joyous!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The knitting Journey

SO many knitters
so many yarns
so little time!

I have managed to keep up to day but I think day 6 will be key as my family returns home and life goes"off vacation". ON day 1 I was slightly, , frustrated that pattern designer was not exactly specific on some terminology and said to myself,. Why cant she just add slip as if to purl or knit so we all know. But now I see almost the joy in not being specific.

1. It allows knitters from the globe to share their knowledge and insight and encouragement.
2. It also fosters a sense of creativity and independance in me the knitter, something taht affter 40 years of knitting I still dont have.

I made the decision to follow last year bead placement in the spacer after some suggestions and pics form others. I know I will be a better knitter after day 24, whenever that may be... Thanks Kristin!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Knitters around the globe knit together

Twas december first
and all through the world
knitters, were gathering their yarn, beads, and tools,
to join along in this years 24 days till Chrisitmas knit along

each day designer Kristin releases that days pattern
as we all blog and frantically try to complete that days journey,

In different lands , stitch symbols are different
and the yarns may be different
but we all work to the end result
a lovely knitted scarf

So thanks to Kristin
for being our inspiration
and sharing this wonderful gift during this special season
and as we knit each daily lesson may we all be mindful of the reason for the season.